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Dog at the health check in the veterinary practice Leipzig-Wahren with Dr. med. vet. Fricke

Regular visits to the vet

We would like to accompany you in the life of your pet from the very beginning. We will be happy to assist you with everything from your puppy's initial consultation to accompanying your senior. We recommend an annual examination at our veterinary practice in Leipzig so that diseases can be recognized and treated promptly. We will be happy to advise you on feeding, preventive health care, medical interventions and training. We recommend a regular health checks and blood tests for older animals.

Recommended vaccinations for cats

Vaccination cards for pets


We follow the recommendations of the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) for the vaccinations we carry out.

If your pet suffers from allergies to a particular vaccine, please let us know as soon as possible.

Veterinarian Dr. med. vet. Cornelia Fricke (veterinary practice Leipzig) examines feces for worms and other parasites.

Worming treatments

The interval between worming varies from animal to animal. The decisive factors here are free-range, consumption of fresh meat and hunting or eating behavior. Consequently, a free-roaming cat that hunts a lot of mice needs to be dewormed much more frequently than an indoor cat. Parasitological fecal examinations for worms are only of very limited use in deciding when to deworm, as tapeworm eggs (parts of the tapeworm), for example, are excreted at very irregular intervals. This means that a negative result unfortunately does not rule out tapeworm infestation.

Two brown Labradors, each with a plate of food. On one plate is healthy fruit and vegetables, on the other a juicy roast. The dog with the plate of vegetables stares longingly at the plate of the other dog, who is very happy about his roast.

Nutrition and husbandry

We will be happy to provide you with professional advice on keeping and feeding your pet, as this will prevent illnesses and increase your pet's well-being.

A small microchip that looks a bit like a small animal standing on its 6 contacts.


Of course, you can also have your pet microchipped at our veterinary practice in Leipzig. We have recently started offering the implantation of microchips in our practice, which, in addition to the identification function, also enable temperature measurement on the chip. This eliminates the need for your pet to have its temperature taken at the practice.


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