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Dental care is crucial

An invisible film consisting of saliva, food debris and bacteria forms on your pet's teeth every day. Without proper care, this plaque can cause gum inflammation. The gums recede and the tissue around the tooth is attacked - a disease called periodontitis. This can cause pain, make the teeth loose or, in the worst case, lead to tooth loss. In addition, this plaque can turn into a hard deposit called tartar, which can cause even more damage. Even other organs such as the heart or kidneys can be affected by the bacteria in the mouth.

We therefore recommend that you pay daily attention to your pet's oral hygiene and make an appointment with a veterinary dentist at least once a year. We can also advise you on professional teeth cleaning.


Professional teeth cleaning for dogs and cats

Your pet's teeth are thoroughly cleaned by a veterinary dentist. To do this, we use special equipment such as an ultrasonic device that is cooled with water and removes plaque. The teeth are then polished and fluoride is applied to protect them from decay. We also clean the area behind the gums and check for signs of disease.

Part of the cleaning is always a detailed examination of each tooth. To do this, we use special instruments and take x-rays to make sure we don't miss anything. If we find any problems, we can treat them straight away.


Dental treatment only under anesthesia

All dental examinations and treatments for dogs, cats and small pets are carried out under full anesthesia. This is necessary because:

  • A thorough examination of the teeth is otherwise not possible.   
  • No animal would keep still, especially during X-rays or when ultrasound is used, which can be very uncomfortable for the animal.   
  • Careful cleaning of all teeth, even in hard-to-reach places, is necessary.   
  • We must ensure that no rinsing fluids or bacteria get into the lungs.


The anesthetics we use are state of the art and our specialists adapt the anesthesia individually to each animal. This ensures that the treatment is as safe and gentle as possible.

A cat's teeth are being brushed with a toothbrush in this not entirely serious picture.

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