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Anesthesia and Local anesthesia



We carry out examinations and operations on dogs, cats and small animals that require anesthesia.

We attach great importance to the effective elimination of pain.

Our team has many years of experience in the use of anesthesia and is constantly undergoing further training in this area. Our veterinary practice is equipped with the latest technology to perform anesthesia in accordance with international standards.

A sleeping dog symbolizing anaesthesia.

Procedure for Anesthesia

Anesthesia monitoring

During anesthesia, your pet will be carefully monitored by a specially trained veterinary nurse. We use modern anesthesia monitoring equipment that measures various parameters, including your pet's blood pressure, ECG, blood oxygen level, respiratory rate and body temperature. We also keep a detailed anesthesia record for each procedure to accurately document the progress.


Waking up phase

After the procedure, each animal receives intensive care from our specialist staff in our heated recovery boxes until it is collected an d a lot of tender loving care.


Elimination of pain (analgesia)

An analgesic is administered intravenously during the induction of anesthesia. In the case of extensive surgery, further painkillers are administered during the operation. The animals are often also given additional painkillers to take home.

Preliminary examination prior to anesthesia

It is important to us that every patient is thoroughly examined before anesthesia. In particular, we take into account any pre-existing medical conditions and conduct a detailed discussion prior to anesthesia.

We strongly recommend a blood test before anesthesia, as pre-existing conditions can affect the requirements for anesthesia. We can easily carry out this blood test in our in-house laboratory.


Injection anesthesia

First, the patient is given venous access, through which anesthesia is then administered by injection with individually selected and dosed medication.


Inhalation anesthesia

We perform intubation to ensure breathing. A mixture of oxygen and isoflurane is administered using an inhalation anesthesia machine, which allows the anesthesia to be maintained gently.


Infiltration anesthesia / local anesthesia

Many pet owners are familiar with infiltration anesthesia from their own visits to the dentist.

A fine needle is used to locally anaesthetize the nerve that supplies the area to be treated. We also use this procedure in the dental treatment of animals.

As a result, no pain stimulus is transmitted to the brain and the sensation of pain is not activated. Infiltration anesthesia reduces the need for painkillers and we can guarantee a particularly gentle anesthetic.

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